Environment & Climate Change

Adam will stand with 97% of scientists and fight to protect our environment. Adam will support efforts to expand environmental protections, higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, and expanded investments in renewable energy sources.

Climate change is a real and growing threat to our economy, health, and wellbeing. We are the last generation that has a real opportunity to tackle this issue and solve it before it’s too late.

Adam will fight for expanded environmental protections, higher fuel efficiency standards for cars, and expanded investments in renewable energy sources. Adam also believes our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement was a grave misstep in taking care of our nation’s environment. However, he believes we can still work together to protect Georgia by enstating the proper environmental protections and encourage companies to participate in the outstanding Energy Star program. Adam strongly opposes fossil fuel exploration, new drilling, and fracking. Georgia is a beautiful state and rich in natural resources. We must fight to preserve the things that make our state special.

Economy and Jobs

Jobs and the Economy

Georgia’s 23rd house district is blessed with vibrant industries. From biotechnology, information technology, and financial institutions, to the manufacturing, small businesses, and family farms.

There’s opportunity in this district, and it’s time we take advantage of it.

Adam is committed to attracting more hi-tech and manufacturing jobs, and he will fight to protect our environment so that agriculture can thrive. Adam will stand up and fight for poultry farmers, too.

In the Georgia legislature, Adam will work to reduce the tax burden on small businesses. He will craft economic policy that will make it easier for entrepreneurs to raise capital and create good jobs.

All of these new jobs will need skilled Georgian workers, and that’s why Adam will work to make tuition affordable at our district’s colleges and universities, and training programs available for adult learners so they can transition to new careers.


Adam will support paying Georgia workers a living wage that is indexed to inflation.
Every two years, Georgia workers would automatically receive a raise based on the rate of inflation for the prior two years, five times per decade.


Adam will fight to expand Medicaid to provide affordable and high-quality healthcare for all Georgians.

Mental health checkups should be a part of basic preventive care. Adam will fight for this coverage to be made part of existing healthcare legislation and insurance policies sold in Georgia, immediately.

Additionally, only a woman and her doctor should be able to decide what’s best for her health. Adam will always fight to protect women’s access to contraception and make one’s own reproductive choices. In the state legislature, Adam will defend Planned Parenthood which provides an array of essential healthcare services including cancer screenings, STI testing, and low-cost birth control to thousands of Georgians. Adam will also support legislation that repeals the “Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program,” which uses taxpayer money to fund so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” that endanger women’s health and futures.

Equality and Human Rights

Adam will fight to protect all Georgians from discrimination ​based on race, gender, nation of origin, physical abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity.

It is time to make sure that everyone in our country is protected from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. No one should have to fear losing their job or being denied access to things like healthcare, housing, or credit simply because of who they are, where they were born or loving the person of their choosing.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Adam knows the importance of and far-reaching benefits of equality. He believes strongly in equal protections for all American and fully supports the efforts to pass a Hate Crimes Bill in Georgia.

Gun Safety

Adam will respect the 2nd Amendment while fighting to keep all Georgians safe. Adam will work tirelessly to repeal and replace Campus Carry with common-sense gun safety legislation that reduces gun violence in Georgia.

The regularity of horrific mass shootings is a uniquely American problem and a direct symptom of how Washington is broken. If Congress can’t act, the states must, in order to protect our children. No child should be afraid to go to school. We can and must do better.

As your state Representative, Adam will work to undo the damage Mandi Ballinger has done to gun safety on our educational campuses. Adam will work tirelessly to repeal and replace Campus Carry with common-sense gun safety legislation that reduces gun violence in Georgia.

Internet Accessibility

Net Neutrality

Adam will fight to keep the Internet free from government intervention and protect consumers.
The internet is one of humanity’s greatest inventions. It unlocks possibilities for people the world over, connects us to new cultures, allows relationships to flourish, creates new ways to communicate with one another, and keeps us entertained no matter where we are. Georgia’s children use the internet every day to learn more about the world, to get help with schoolwork, and even to complete homework assignments.
The internet as we know it is under assault by the Trump Administration. FCC chairman Ajit Pai led a mission that rolled back critical protections afforded to all US consumers under Title II of the Communications Act. Instead of keeping these protections intact, chairman Pai ditched them in favor of a voluntary list of conditions that Internet Service Providers are expected to comply with. But we know what this actually means: unfair distribution of bandwidth and the creation of “internet fast lanes” available only to those companies and individuals who can afford them.
The Georgia legislature must step up to protect consumers where the federal government failed them. In the Georgia House, I’ll fight to protect the internet and keep it free, open and fair for everyone. Nothing less is acceptable.

​High-Speed Internet

Adam will work to create public-private partnerships that encourage expansion of fiber internet
to all parts of Georgia.
Georgians rely on the internet to pursue educational aspirations, watch movies with their families, telecommute for work and run their small businesses. But broadband bottlenecks are throttling our progress as people and as a state. As we look to attract more high-tech employers, so must we invest and expand fiber internet across our district and Georgia.