I am running for Georgia House of Representatives to create opportunity for my neighbors here Georgia’s 23rd House District, and to build a stronger, more prosperous Georgia.

Growing up, my parents worked full-time jobs. Like our neighbors, we weren’t wealthy, and my parents worked hard to make every dollar stretch. When I was young, my dad became disabled and we relied on assistance programs, like the free lunch program at our school. I learned first-hand that we can all use a hand up sometimes. Going to college was a challenge, but I made it with the help of student loans, federal Pell grants and working a full-time job.

Today, I’m an internet software professional and business development consultant. I am these things not just because my parents taught me the value of hard work, but because back when I was a kid, legislators worked for us, not for special interest groups or big corporate PACs. I intend to win this election and work for our people again. I’ll work hard to create an opportunity for parents to get a great job that pays the mortgage and puts food on their table. Opportunity for our children to go to college and not be saddled with debt upon graduation. Opportunity to start a family without discrimination. Opportunity to buy affordable healthcare.

I am a product of Georgia. I still live in the area I grew up in, near my parents and my brother’s family. In my down time, I play recreational soccer and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.