Hi. I’m Adam Wynn, and I’d like to tell you a little about myself.
I’m an internet software professional and an entrepreneur, and I’m also the son of working-class Americans.

When I was in elementary school, my father became completely disabled as the result of a medical condition, and for a time, the National School Lunch Program is how my little brother and I ate most of our meals throughout the school year. This program helped my family make ends meet, as it still does for so many families today. Going to college was a challenge, but I made it with the help of student loans, federal Pell grants and working a full-time job.

Today, hardworking middle-class families right here in Georgia are finding it tougher than ever to make ends meet. In many cases, you’re underpaid and overworked, and bills for health care and tuition are breaking your backs. Small business owners are finding it hard to succeed, and, for so many, the American Dream seems unrealistic. In times like these, we look to our elected leaders in Washington for help, but lately, they’re only interested in catering to big banks, credit reporting agencies, and special interest groups. As if that isn’t bad enough, most of them refuse to hold town halls because they are afraid to face their constituents.

Well, I’m not afraid to stand up to Wall Street, the insurance companies, and career politicians. If you elect me to represent you in Congress, I’ll fight to include Medicare-for-all plans in the Affordable Care Act marketplace. I’ll introduce legislation raising the minimum wage to $12.00 per hour and index it to inflation so that every single American receives a pay increase every two years. I’ll fight to protect our air and water by strengthening the EPA and investing in renewable sources of energy, and I’ll fight for stronger consumer protections so that companies like Equifax are held accountable when they fail to protect our private financial and personal information.

We live in a great country where we get to elect our neighbors to represent us. If you send me to Washington, I promise that I’ll work hard to represent Republicans, Democrats, and Independents across our district. I’ll hold town halls with constituents often, and I’ll run the most transparent and accessible office Washington has ever seen. I will fight tooth and nail to improve the lives of everyone, not just a handful up at the top.

I believe that if we come together, we can build an America that is stronger than ever. We can move people out of poverty and into the middle-class, and we can balance budgets and reduce deficits. I look forward to visiting your neighborhood very soon and hearing what you have to say about issues that concern you most.

Thank you. I’ll see you on the campaign trail.

– Adam