We are now in the midst of the longest partial government shutdown ever. Many Federal Institutions have been shuttered for days, including the TSA and our beloved National Park Service.

As I pen this statement tonight, over 800,000 federal workers, including many of our neighbors here in #GA11, are no longer receiving a paycheck. Many of those people are required to work throughout this shutdown because we rely on them to keep us safe. Countless more federal contractors are also impacted. Adding insult to injury, just yesterday many received pay stubs with the payable amount listed at $0.00.

Families of government workers are suffering; many will miss payments on their mortgages, car notes, medical supplies, and other bills putting their hard-earned good credit at risk. Some are federal workers who hold jobs that require they have excellent credit or risk losing employment.

President Trump is responsible for this shutdown. He’s made that clear in his statements, despite now trying to shift the blame. He consistently breaks his promises to the American people and recently admitted he knew Mexico was never going to pay for his wall, despite his campaign promises that they would. President Trump also continues to greatly exaggerate the source of illegal immigration, which is more heavily visa overstays, not any situation at the southern border. He’s right about one thing: America is in crisis. But the crisis can’t be fixed with a wall. The real crisis is that over a million Americans currently have their livelihoods put on hold by the Trump-Loudermilk shutdown. To put that in perspective, it is more than one-sixth the population of Atlanta.

Folks, the Trump-Loudermilk shutdown has gone on for too long. My opponent may be able to sleep comfortably at night, but I can’t. You’ve been telling me your stories. If you are affected by this shutdown, I want to hear from you. I want you to know that I hear you, and, when I am elected to Congress, I will support legislation to prevent shutdowns like this from ever happening again. #UnitedWeWynn