The internet is one of mankind’s greatest inventions. It unlocks possibilities for people the world over, connects us to new cultures, allows relationships to flourish, creates new ways to communicate with one another, and keeps us entertained no matter where we are. Georgia’s children use the internet every day to learn more about the world, to get help with schoolwork, and even to complete homework assignments.

The internet as we know it is under assault by the Trump Administration. FCC chairman Ajit Pai led a mission that rolled back critical protections afforded to all US consumers under Title II of the Communications Act. Instead of keeping these protections intact, chairman Pai ditched them in favor of a voluntary list of conditions that Internet Service Providers are expected to comply with. But we know what this actually means: unfair distribution of bandwidth and the creation of “internet fast lanes” available only to those companies and individuals who can afford them.

The Georgia legislature must step up to protect consumers where the federal government failed them. In the Georgia House, I’ll fight to protect the internet and keep it free, open and fair for everyone. Nothing less is acceptable.