Today there are over 800,000 hard-working Americans facing uncertainty at the holiday season because of a President’s misguided fantasy that a border wall will solve our country’s immigration problem. A misguided fantasy that has led to yet another GOP-built government shutdown.

I want to thank these hard-working Americans for staying the course and facing down this uncertainty with the courage, dedication, and leadership that working Americans have always shown. Invaluable traits that the current Congress is sorely lacking.

What is most disturbing is that this shutdown could have been avoided. Earlier this week we saw that bipartisanship was possible with the passage of the criminal justice reform legislation. It looked like that trend would continue with the passage of bipartisan legislation to keep the government open. A deal was agreed to by congressional leaders, which the President indicated he would sign. The Senate passed it unanimously by voice vote and the House was poised to pass it when the President changed his mind after several right-wing commentators objected. It is shameful that the President’s ideas are so easily manipulated by talking heads and not people with experience and knowledge. The President then forced Speaker Ryan to have the GOP-controlled House passed a bill that everyone knew would never pass the Senate.

Last week, the President went on TV and said he would own the shutdown and not blame Democrats. This week, he blamed Democrats. He is playing politics with the lives of people. This is unacceptable and Congress needs to stand up to these bullying tactics. The American people deserve leadership from both ends of Pennsylvania Ave but are getting it from neither.

I understand the uncertainty you have, and I am dedicated to building a country that puts its people first. United we Wynn.